Roof Repairs That Could Be Needed When The Ridge Cap Shingles Are Damaged

When your roof is getting old or when your roof has damage after a storm, your roofer might tell you your ridge cap shingles need to be replaced. The ridge cap shingles are on the very top of your roof, so they are the most exposed to wind and blowing debris. Damage to these shingles is fairly common, and repairs should be done promptly or rain may leak under the shingles and cause water damage to the roof or your attic. Here's a look at ridge cap shingles and how they're repaired.

Ridge Cap Shingles Bend Over The Roof

Ridge cap shingles fold over the ridge of your roof, and since they attach differently, they are noticeable from the ground. You'll see a long row of these shingles on top of your roof, and when one is damaged, it could make your roof look bad in addition to causing a leak. When the wind blows over your roof, a mix of pressure is created. Positive pressure pushes against the shingles and negative pressure tries to lift the shingles. All of this stress can eventually cause the shingles on your roof, including the ridge cap shingles, to get loose or lift off.

How Ridge Cap Shingles Are Repaired

The cap shingles can be tricky to repair since they are at the very tip of the roof, and if your roof has a steep slope, it may be necessary to use fall protection equipment to work on the shingles safely. The roofer chooses the right shingles for the type of roof you have. If you have basic three-tab asphalt shingles, it may be possible to use those and bend them over the ridge. Once they're bent, they are then nailed into place. If the weather is cold when you have the work done, the shingles may need to be warmed up so they are pliable and easy to work with.

If your roof has laminated shingles, your roofer may need laminated roof cap shingles since the flat shingles won't bend very easily. While removing the damaged shingles and putting on new ones is a fairly straightforward process, there is detailed work needed since the ridge cap is so visible on your roof. The roofer has to align the shingles perfectly so they make a straight line across the roof, and any excess material needs to be cut away so the ridge has an attractive rather than a messy appearance.

Your roofer may not need to replace the entire row of shingles on the ridge. If only one or two shingles are damaged, they can be pried out individually and replaced with new shingles. However, care has to be taken to get a very close match in color so the new shingles blend in well. If the ridge shingles have been bad for a long time, it's possible rain has caused water damage to the deck below, and if that's the case, the roofer may need to cut out part of the deck and replace it in order to repair your roof.

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