Factors That Affect Roofing Shingle Deterioration

Asphalt shingles are relatively cheap, but they are not exactly durable. However, the durability of these shingles is not a fixed figure; they can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Whether or not your asphalt shingle roof will last 15 or 30 years depends on multiple factors, some of which are discussed below.

The Quality of the Shingle

The quality of asphalt shingles varies by manufacturers; in some cases, even shingles from the same manufacturer can have different qualities. The thickness of the shingles, the quality of the construction, and the ratios of the materials all determine shingle quality. Low-quality shingles wear out faster than high-quality shingles.

The Local Climate

Climate plays a huge role in shingle durability. For example, sunlight depletes shingle oils and makes the shingles more brittle and susceptible to damage. Rainfall, snow, and hailstones erode the protective granules off the surfaces of the shingles. Temperature fluctuations trigger regular expansion and contraction of roofing materials, accelerating shingle deterioration. The more of these weather elements there are in your area, the faster the shingles will deteriorate.

The Roof Pitch

If you install shingles on a flat roof, the shingles will tend to trap water under them. The trapped water might trigger leaks, damage insulation, and accelerate the deterioration of the shingles. Pitched roofs don't trap water because the water flows off the roof due to the action of gravity. Thus, shingles on pitched roofs tend to last longer than shingles on flat roofs.

Roof Ventilation

Proper ventilation ensures heat from the house doesn't reach the shingles. If the roof is poorly ventilated, rising heat from the house will head the underside of the shingles. The overheating will accelerate the deterioration of the shingles much like shingles experience accelerated deterioration on hot climates.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is necessary whether your house has asphalt shingles or other types of roofing materials. For an asphalt shingle roof, you must ensure that the gutters are functional and clean, check that the roof is clean, get rid of snow accumulation, and ensure that missing shingles are replaced as soon as possible. Gutter malfunction and missing shingles can lead to leaks. A dirty roof attracts moisture and encourages moss and algae growth, which damages shingles.

As you can see, the shingle manufacturer, homeowner, and roofing contractor all have a part to play when it comes to shingle durability. Consult your roofing contractor on further steps you can take to prevent premature deterioration of your roof.

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