Is A Green Roof Right For Your Commercial Business?

When it comes to the types of roofs that get installed atop commercial businesses, green roofs are chosen the least often, and it is for obvious reasons. Green roofing systems are more costly to install, take more time to be properly established, and require some ongoing maintenance. Nevertheless, these natural roofs do also have their advantages. For example, green roofing systems can last the lifetime of a structure when properly maintained. They are also a greener alternative to synthetic roofing materials. Are you debating on whether one of these natural roofs is right for your commercial structure? Here are a few things for you to consider. 

Are you comfortable with a higher roofing budget?

In its most basic form, you can expect to pay around $10 per square foot for a green roof. A more intensive system with more layers and more plants, however, can be as high as $25 per square foot. These costs are for the installation of the roof, but if major changes have to be made, the costs can be substantially higher. For instance, some rooftops are not equipped to handle the extra weight, so a new structural support system will have to be implemented before the roof can go in place. Additionally, you can expect some ongoing maintenance costs for the roof after it is in place. 

Are you concerned about the temperature of your building?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a green roof can actually reduce your building's demand for air conditioning by about 75 percent. Green roofing systems are capable of absorbing sunlight and processing it for food instead of heating up and transmitting the heat to the building below like a standard roofing system would do. If you are a business owner who struggles with cooling costs, a green roof may be a viable solution. Likewise, the roofing protects against heat loss in the winter. 

Are you prepared for an additional landscape to manicure. 

The green roofing system may be on the top of the building, but it will still need periodic manicuring just like your regular landscape. These roofs are covered in plants that are considered low-maintenance, but they will still have to occasionally be trimmed, replanted, and weeded out. Birds and insects love green roofing systems, which can mean you have a few more critters to clean up after up on the rooftop. By contacting a commercial roofing company, you can learn more about the supplies and roofing options.

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