What You Need To Know About Chimney Flashing Repair

If you have decided that you are passionate about improving the quality of your home, you might not yet have considered making changes to your chimney flashing. Your chimney has flashing to seal the space between the chimney and the roof. Flashing consists of the layers of sheet metal that seal the area around the chimney.

Your roof needs flashing because it offers protection for your roof. It shields your roof from rain, wind, snow, sleet, and anything else that could damage your home. Any space that exists between your chimney and the flashing can allow the elements to enter the home. It keeps the debris from interacting with your roof.

Chimney Roof Flashing Damage

Many things can happen to chimney flashing. Rust is a major problem for many roofs, especially when the weather has been terrible. Flashing can also go missing or become damaged by projectiles. It could also mean that you have other damage to your home, perhaps something that causes more extreme damage to the structure of the home. Water damage can severely impact your attic, roof, and personal items.

How to Fix Flashing Issues

One of the best ways to fix issues with flashing is to completely replace it. A professional can take care of this. Flashing needs to be installed in a way that is similar to shingles. The overlapping of shingles helps keep the elements from getting inside the home. Otherwise, water can leak through the holes and cracks and cause structural damage to your home.

Another way to fix flashing issues early on is to ensure that you have your roof inspected. A professional can take a look at your roof and tell you if the flashing is damaged or needs to be replaced. With early detection, you can prevent these problems from worsening over time.

Should You DIY Flashing?

It is not a great idea to try to replace or repair flashing if you have no experience working on roofs or with roofing materials. You do not want to take any risks with your roof, especially because it provides so much structural assistance for your home.

Chimney flashing plays such an important role in your home, and the truth is that flashing is largely forgotten by most homeowners. In fact, you might not have even known it was there. Call a roofer today to discuss your potential roofing issues, including problems with flashing.

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