Why A PVC Membrane Could Be A Good Choice For Your Home's Flat Roof

If your home is in need of a new flat roof, you may want to consider PVC membrane roofing. This roofing is attractive and can be walked on without damage. If your flat roof is old, it may be a built-up roof that you can't use for any other purpose. When you have PVC membrane roofing, your flat roof can double as a deck for enjoying the outdoors. Here are some advantages of PVC roofing.

PVC Is Waterproof

A PVC membrane is ideal for a flat surface since it is waterproof. A problem with flat roofing is that water can puddle on it if the slope isn't just right. PVC is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about rain leaking through the material or the seams. The membrane is typically seamed together with heat rather than glue, so the membrane sections bond together to keep water out.

White PVC Reflects The Sun

If you want your roofing material to help with energy costs, then a white PVC membrane is a good choice. The roofing reflects the sun's rays so there is less solar heating of your home in the summer. That means your house stays cooler and your AC won't have to work as hard.

PVC Roofing Can Be Walked On

If you want a PVC roof so you can use your roof for a deck, then be sure you let your roofer know so the right type of membrane is chosen. PVC membranes come in different thicknesses, and you want a product made for decks that can withstand foot traffic. A roof that is waterproof and that can also be walked on without receiving damage is the perfect choice when you want to transform your roof into a deck for lounging or growing a rooftop garden. Have the roof checked first to be sure it can handle the weight of what you plan to do once the roof is finished.

A PVC Roof Is Durable

A PVC membrane is lightweight but tough. It resists damage from storms, pollution, and the sun. Since the seams are heat-welded, the material forms a continuous layer over your roof that keeps out rain, bugs, and other debris. The roofing is difficult to lift in strong winds, and PVC roofing is a self-extinguishing material that doesn't promote the spread of fire. This material is so durable that it's often used on commercial and industrial buildings.

If your roof can support the weight of people walking around and patio furniture, you might enjoy turning your roof into a deck by installing PVC membrane roofing. Even if you don't want to make a deck for lounging, the roofing material is attractive and does a good job of protecting your home from water damage, so it's a flat roofing choice worth considering.

To learn more about your options for flat roofing, contact a roofer.

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