Working Around Roofing Structures When Installing A New Commercial Roof

Every couple of decades, your commercial roof will need to be replaced. When that happens, you might want to point out certain features of your commercial roof to your roofing contractor. These features are vital to other functions in the building, and they should not be damaged, even accidentally, in the process of installing the new roof. Here are some common examples of roofing structures that you will need to point out and work around with your contractor. 

Air Conditioning System

Not all commercial buildings put their A/C system inside the building or on the ground level outside the building. Some put it on the roof. It is a viable option, considering that the massive size of the unit does not take up valuable real estate on the ground, nor does it take up space inside the building. All the same, it is a very large, boxy sort of structure that will need to be protected while the new roof is under construction. 

Main Electrical Control Box

Sure, it seems like a weird spot to position an electrical control box, but when your building is practically the size of a football field, you want to put all of the controls and switches for the building in one place. The only place that probably has enough room to do that is the roof. You can just as easily make the box waterproof as well. Since the box is the main source of all power for the whole building, it has to remain intact and cannot be removed, even for the purpose of a new roof. 

Satellite Communications Systems

If your company utilizes satellite communications systems, those structures will be on your roof, too. Since you need phones, internet, and possibly TV, the last thing you want is for the cords and satellite dishes to be damaged during the roof construction. The construction crew will have to work around these without disconnecting them and causing your company's daily activities to come to a grinding halt.

Roof Access Door

Most roof access doors are built into odd little house-like structures. You climb stairs form the last floor's landing to the roof, open the door, and step in and through to the roof itself, and there you are. The door's "home" is a large enough structure that it has to stay where it is, but it is boxy enough that it can be worked around. 

Make sure your commercial roofing company is aware of these structures when they're working on repairs or replacement.

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