Roof Estimates And The Factors That Play Into It

If you are told you need a new roof, you will want to get two or three estimates to figure out who you want to work with as a roofing contractor. Once you get back your estimates, you can take a look at each one offers to determine who to choose. Ask friends and family about roofers in the area, and do your research to find a company with a strong reputation. You may discover that even though one contractor is a bit higher than another one, the higher-priced one has a better reputation. Your roof estimate can vary widely between contractors, and it's important to know what goes into the estimate so you know what to expect. 

The Size of Your Roof

The amount of materials you need for your roof is directly related to the size. Your roofing contractor will estimate the size of your roof, and your price estimate is going to be based partially on how much roofing material you are going to need for the project.

The Materials You Choose

Roofing material has a direct impact on the price of your new roof. When you choose asphalt shingles to stay within your budget, you still have options when it comes to the quality of the shingles you choose.

If You Can Put the New Roof Over the Existing One

When you have a roof that has to come off in order to put on a new one, this is going to raise your costs. Your roofing contractor will need to remove the shingles and dispose of the waste. If you can put up a new roof over the one that is already there, this saves you money on labor costs, but be away that roofing over an existing roof can make removal costs more expensive the next time your roof needs replaced. 

The Complexity of the Roofing Job

A second story roof full of twists and turns is more difficult than a straight, one-story job. If you have a complex roof, this is factored into the price to complete the job. Roofing contractors will look at how hard the job is, and decide how long it is going to take a more experienced roofer to get it done.

Roof estimates include a number of factors. If you love the feedback you receive about a particular roofing contractor but their estimate is high, talk to them about any changes that could be made. It's possible that you can change your roofing material, or negotiate a lower price to get the roofing contractor you want.

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