Steps Involved In An Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

If you live in your house long enough, you'll need to replace the roof. Your asphalt roof may get worn down due to age or sun exposure, or it might be damaged in a storm and need to be replaced sooner than you expect. Here are some steps involved in a roof replacement.

You Choose The Shingle Quality And Color

The first step in getting a new roof is to go over the options with your roofer. You may want a different color for your roof or you may want the same style roof you have now. You can also choose different qualities of shingles. Your roofer can help you choose the right product based on your budget and how long you plan to live in your house. High-quality shingles last longer, but basic shingles are less expensive.

The Old Roof Is Removed

If your roof has just one layer of shingles, it might be possible to put another layer of shingles on top of them. You can discuss the pros and cons of adding another layer of shingles with your roofer. When your roof is replaced, the old shingles and underlayment are torn off down to the deck. This exposes the deck so the roofer can examine it thoroughly for damage, and so it can be replaced or repaired if needed. When the roof is totally replaced with quality shingles, you can expect your new roof to last for many years and stand up to strong wind, sun, and rain.

New Roofing Materials Are Installed

Once the new roof is ready to go on, the underlayment is put on the deck first. This is a water-resistant barrier that keeps rain from leaking onto the deck if rain happens to get under a shingle. In addition to the shingles and underlayment, flashing is applied around the chimney and vents that stick up through the roof. Flashing is also put in roof valleys where the risk of leaking is higher. Flashing is made of metal and it's used to keep rain from getting in around a roof protrusion. Rubber boots are used for the same reason. These are put on pipes, like the plumbing vent pipe.

Your roofer may need a few days to complete your roof replacement depending on the size of your roof and the weather conditions. When the job is complete, the area is cleaned up. Cleanup includes hauling away debris from the old roof and using a magnet device to collect stray nails from your yard and driveway. If you're interested in learning more about roof replacement services, visit a site such as

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