Commercial Roof Issues To Be On The Lookout For

As a business owner, you will need to be sure that you are aware of the biggest dangers to your commercial roof. The roof is one of the most important parts of the structure. If you allow the roof to get in bad shape, then many things can go wrong with it. You can have serious leaks, or it can even be at risk of collapsing. Here is information on one of the biggest risks to your commercial building.


The biggest hazard to your roof is you. This means that when you ignore or neglect your roof, you are putting it in a situation where it will likely continue to deteriorate and have more problems. Then, one day you may find that you suddenly have serious issues that mean you need to have major repairs done, or even that you need to have the entire roof replaced. It's easy to do right by your roof. All you have to do is learn what dangers to protect it from and make sure you have it inspected every couple of years, and sooner if you think there may be something wrong with it. When you stay on top of what is going on with your roof, you'll find it lasts you much longer.

Flashing problems

The flashing is the metal on your roof that goes around anything that protrudes from it, or anywhere where there is something adjoined to it. There can be problems in the roof due to the flashing. This material can expand and contract. When this happens, it can cause issues in the roof by leaving gaps that give rainwater and water from melted snow a way to come inside, meaning you will have a leak. When a roofer comes to inspect the roof, they will check for this and this is just one more example of why bi-annual roofing inspections are so important.

Puddles of water

Another big problem that commercial roofs tend to have is caused by standing water. When puddles develop on the roof, they give mosquitos a great place to breed. However, they also end up making nice birdbaths, so the birds will make their nests in a nice close spot and this may mean they may build their nest where it will cause your drains to become blocked. Also, standing water that's there a long time can deteriorate the roof.

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