Live In A Cold Region And Had A New Roof Installed? How To Protect The Roof From Winter Damage

If you live in a cold region that has constant freezing temperatures and a lot of snow and you have a new roof, you need to take steps to prevent winter damage. Winter can wreak havoc on a roof and cause extensive damage if you do nothing to protect the roof. Below are some tips on how to keep your new roof looking new and in great shape no matter what type of winter you have.

Inspect the Gutters

The gutter system plays a big role in keeping your roof in good shape as the gutters remove water that rains down on your roof. Because of this, you should have the gutters inspected to ensure they are not full of debris. If they are and you do not do anything about it, water will get stuck behind the debris and then overflow. During cold weather the water that overflows will freeze. This will cause gutter systems to sag as the weight of the ice is heavy. Adding the weight of snow that may be in the gutters will make things even worse.

Ice dams will also build up on your new roof. Ice dams happen when snow does not drain off your roof because of clogged gutters. The snow will then freeze, and ice will build up on the roof between the gutters.

Install Insulation

Insulating your attic can play a big role in protecting your roof. This is because when heat rises into the attic, this heat causes the roof to warm up. When this happens, water will freeze when the temperature dips below freezing. Ice dams can then form on the roof.

Snow can also build up much more easily. Over time the snow will build up and this will add a lot of weight to your roof. Even if you have a new roof, this extra weight can cause damage to your roof. Blown-in insulation is easy to install and a great way to insulate your attic.

Trim Trees

If you have trees planted near your home and you have not had your trees trimmed in some time you may need to do so now. This is especially true if you see any limbs from the trees hanging over your roof. This is because when ice and snow build up on the tree branches and twigs, this can add a lot of weight and the branches and twigs can break and then fall onto your roof.

It is best to trim trees before winter arrives as doing this during the winter may cause damage to the trees.

Your roofing installation contractor that put in your new roof can give you many more tips on how to keep your roof in good condition.

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