Metal Roofing Makes Your Professional Building More Attractive And Protects From Fire, Wind, And Hail

When your professional building needs a new roof, the appearance of the roof is an important factor. When your building has offices for doctors, attorneys, or other professionals, the building and roof have to have an upscale, attractive appearance. Metal is a good option to consider. Here's why metal roofing is ideal for a professional building.

Metal Roofing Is Eye-Catching

While industrial buildings may use corrugated sheet metal for roofing, you have better options for a professional building. For instance, a copper roof could add glamour to the building and since copper is known to be an expensive metal, it gives the building an upscale appearance. Copper gets more visually attractive as it ages and develops a patina, so the roof will look good for years. Stone-coated metal is another option for roofing. This type of metal roofing can be made to look like clay tiles or wood shakes.

An advantage of metal is that it can be molded to curve like tiles or have textures applied so the metal looks like wood. These roofs can make your building look like it has exotic tiles or rustic wood roofing when the roof is actually metal and much easier to maintain.

Metal Is A Durable Roofing Material

You probably don't want to invest a lot of time and money on roof maintenance, and when you have a metal roof, your maintenance needs are minimal. A metal roof can be damaged by a storm or falling tree limb, but damage due to sun and weather exposure is much less than what you get with other types of roofing like asphalt or wood. Different types of metal roofing have different degrees of durability, so you may want the most durable option for your commercial building so the roof lasts a long time. You can find ratings for wind resistance, hail damage, and fire that allow you to choose the most durable material for your budget.

Metal Is Light And Can Be Put Over Other Roofing

You might want a metal roof that looks like Mediterranean tile, but an advantage of metal is that it is much lighter than tile. Talk to your commercial roofing contractor about the possibility of putting a new metal roof over your current roof. This is possible sometimes, and if you can have it done, you'll save money on the cost of the installation, and the job will be completed faster for minimal disruption.

Metal roofing is a good choice for any kind of sloped roof, but it's an excellent choice for a professional building when appearance matters but you also want a roof that doesn't need a lot of care.

For more information regarding metal roofs and whether they are ideal for your professional building, reach out to a roofing company like WNC Roofing.

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