Points To Keep In Mind When Planning A Gutter Installation

Are you a homeowner? If so, you likely have gutters installed on your home to drain away rain and melted snow. Sometimes gutters get ignored by homeowners. This can result in clogged gutters and many other problems. If your gutters cannot drain properly, you may even get property damage. Roof maintenance services often include inspecting gutters. There are some things that you can observe yourself though. Gutters need to be secured to the siding of your home. They also need to not have debris trapped in them. If you have not properly maintained your gutters over the past few years, chances are high that you will need a new gutter installation. The following points will help you know what you should consider as you plan your new gutter installation project.


You may think that size does not matter. Choosing the right size gutters for your home will ensure that elements can drain properly. A gutter replacement company can perform the calculations needed to determine the correct size for your home based on several factors. Average rainfall that occurs in your area is one factor that needs consideration. This is because gutters are supposed to drain away water. If your gutters are too small, they likely will not be able to drain properly. This can cause them to back up with water and create a "moisture nightmare." This does not mean that you should opt for gutters that are too large either. Remember that gutters are an important element of your roofing system. Therefore, sizing is important.

Roof Health

If it is time to replace your roof, you might assume that your drainage issues pertain to your gutters. Replacing the gutters will not correct the roofing issue. It makes more sense to replace the gutters and the roof at the same time. A roof inspection can determine whether your roof is in good condition. 

Fascia Issues

This is the area that borders around roofs. It can be made from a variety of materials. No matter what the material is, it needs to be in good shape. A new gutter installation is probably not going to get recommended if the fascia is warped, rotting or otherwise damaged. Gutters affix to the fascia to remain intact.

A gutter installation provider is a good resource to use to learn more about protecting your gutters. They can also discuss differences between gutters. They may also recommend accessories that can aid in trapping debris to ensure that your gutters are free-flowing. This is especially ideal if you have overhanging trees.

To learn more about gutter replacements, contact a roofer.

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