3 Small Metal Roof Repairs You Can Handle on Your Own

One of the big advantages of having a metal roof is that it doesn't need a lot of repairs. A metal roof is sturdy; however, even a metal roof sometimes needs a little extra care. When it comes to metal roof repair, there are some small roof repairs you can take care of yourself as a homeowner. Any major repairs to your metal roof should be left to a professional.

Check Your Roof for Loose Nails

The first thing you should check for when inspecting your roof is loose nails. Loose nails are more than annoying. A loose nail provides an opportunity for water to get under your roof, and water under your roof can be devastating.

If you find a loose nail, simply take the nail, pull it out, and nail it back into the same hole. If the hole feels a little large but caulking around the hole to see the area around the nail. This will help ensure water does not seep around the nail.

Clean Up Rusty Patches

Metal roofs have special coatings on them that help prevents the development of rust. However, if that coating is scratched off, rust could easily develop on your roof. As you inspect your roof, look for any signs of rust. If you find rust, you need to treat it right away, as rust can easily spread out and cause more damage.

Take either a patch of steel wool or a wire brush and use it to scrub away the rust. Once you scrub away the rust, rinse the area off and allow it to dry. Then, take a metal primer and paint over the area where the rust was. This will seal the metal and prevent the development of further rust. Put on two coats of metal primer.

Once the metal primer is dry, apply a topcoat that matches the color of the rest of your roof. You can find metal roofing colors in spray-paint cans at auto parts stores, as this is the type of paint that is also used to repair vehicles.

Seal Up Any Leaks

If you find any gaps or areas on your metal roof where water is leaking through, you can seal up the area on your own with either urethane roof cement or with a self-stick waterproof flashing membrane.

You want to use urethane roofing cement and not plastic roofing cement or asphalt roofing cement, which breaks down more easily in the sun. A metal roof can get extremely hot, which is why urethane roofing cement is best.

You can take urethane roof cement and use a putty knife to spread the roofing cement over the damaged area where water is getting in. Try to get the roofing cement to spread out as smoothly as possible and allow it to dry and cure.

Or you can take a self-stick waterproof flashing membrane and just stick it over the hole. It should stick in place. Both methods are essential short-term solutions and will require follow-up over time.

If your metal roof has some loose nails, small rust spots, or small leaks, you can take care of the issue yourself if you want, using the advice above. Or you can call in a roofing professional to handle the repairs for you.

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