Replacement And Storm Damage: Know When Your Roof Is Damaged Beyond Repair

The damage to your roof during storms often needs a few repairs. The problem is when the damage is too severe for simple repairs. When this happens, you are going to need a complete roof replacement.

The severe damage is often due to hail or high winds. If the damage was caused by wind, you might see apparent signs of damage like missing shingles. The damage that is often difficult to see, such as pitting from hail or tears in shingles. The following guide will help you know when your roof is damaged beyond repairs.

Visible Severe Wind Damage

Sometimes, wind damage is clearly visible. This may be due to areas of roofing that have been completely blown off your home. Other visible wind damage includes areas where shingles are lifted, missing tabs, or sporadically missing shingles. When there is extensive and severe wind damage, your roof will need to be replaced.

Wind Damage That Is Less Visible

The wind damage may be less visible, but this does not mean that is can all be repaired. This is often widespread damage, which may be torn shingles, and damage to shingle tabs. The wind damage that is not visible from the ground is more visible when you get on the roof. Get on your roof and look closely at shingle tabs for signs of severe wind damage.

Worn Shingle Surfaces 

The granule aggregate on shingles can wear off. In severe weather, this wear is accelerated. The high winds and heavy rains during storms can wear the granule layer off the shingles. This problem makes the surface of shingles smooth and vulnerable to damage or leaks. The granules wearing off the shingles can be seen when they are smooth. If the surface of your roof is smooth due to this type of storm damage, you will need a roof replacement.

Severe Hail Damage 

Hail is another weather phenomenon that can cause serious damage to your roof. The damage may be visible pitting in the shingles that can cause severe wear and leaks. Sometimes, the damage due to hail is less visible, and the pitting to the surface of shingles is more difficult to see. In addition to looking at the surface of shingles for hail damage, you will also want to look closely at flashing, roof vents, and other materials that may have been damaged during the storm.

Look for these things to identify roof damage that is too severe to be repaired after storms. If you need help dealing with the damage, contact a roof replacement service for help.

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