What Benefits Come From Roofing Insulation

Roofing contractors are making it easier to make your roof energy efficient. It used to be that people would have to rely mostly on fiberglass insulation as the most common type of insulation to stop air from coming in and out of the roof area. Fiberglass isn't difficult to install, and it often falls out of place. Now there are much better options your contractor can provide, particularly foam insulation. There are three main benefits to getting a quote from roofing contractors to seal off your roof with insulation. 

A Consistently Comfortable Home

You can have new, energy-efficient doors and windows and still have a drafty home. If your roof isn't properly insulated, air can easily come in from the outside. It's also easy, on a cold day, for the air from your heater to rise and leave through the cracks and holes in the roof. With fiberglass insulation, you may not have a completely insulated roof. Roofing contractors can come and evaluate if you have any cracks on the exterior or interior of the home that need to be plugged and then add foam insulation. Foam insulation fully covers an area, and it can be applied very quickly. Best of all, it stays firmly in place for decades.

Lower Utility Costs

Having your home fully insulated by a professional roofer will have an immediate result on your monthly utilities. Many people see their monthly costs on utilities drop significantly the first month after insulation. Some see a drop as much as half in their utility costs. If you haven't had a home that has a properly insulated roof, doors, and windows, the savings can be huge once that's done. While new insulation will cost you an initial investment, it is much less than most of the other projects homeowners pay to make their homes more efficient. The investment is paid off by the savings within the first year or two.

Added Protection Against Leaks

While your roof should remain strong against leaks if it is properly maintained, that doesn't mean water can't get in. Damage can happen between roof maintenance. Sometimes, it's from debris. Sometimes, it's from animals. New insulation adds a thick layer of protection against leaks. Foam insulation, in particular, hardens and is waterproof. Moisture won't get through it like fiberglass insulation or some of the other types of products used to insulate roofs.

If your roof has hardly any insulation or has an old insulation product, it's probably time to get it insulated again with the latest in insulation innovation. Your roofing contractor will help you protect your home's roof and make it much better at keeping your home as comfortable as possible.

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