What Type Of Metal Roof To Install?

Have you been thinking about installing a metal roof, but you're not sure what type of roof you want to install? There are lots of options, after all. And maybe you've been going around in circles on this for a while. This article is designed to help you narrow the choices down a bit.


The budget option (as well as the most DIY friendly) is almost certainly what is called "tin," though it's often not actually tin. Generally, it's galvanized metal of some type, but it's not commonly actual tin. You can even get corrugated panels, though that may be against your HOA, so be sure to double-check before you buy.

Now, the downside of tin roofs is that they have a tendency to be noisy in bad weather. Some people might find the sound of rain on the tin roof very soothing — but that may not be you. (If you go this way, you may want to invest in some noise-reducing headphones. Just in case.)

Saltwater Resistance

If you have a coastal residence, you have probably been battling saltwater corrosion since you moved in. If you want to get a roof that is resistant to saltwater corrosion, but is still lightweight and relatively inexpensive, aluminum would be the way to go, as it excels in this particular regard.

The downside is that aluminum, unlike many other types of metal roofing, does need more upkeep. It does have a tendency to dent a little bit and needs to be painted.

You Want an Extremely Long-Lasting Roof

If you want a roof that will be long-lasting, go with steel. This is a pretty expensive option, though. Steel roofing is not, in any sense of the word, cheap. It also is extremely durable and will last for a long time.

The disadvantage is that steel is a heavy option. It's important to remember that in regards to the overall structure of your house. You'll want to be sure that the structure can handle the weight before you spend all that money.

The Aesthetic

If the appearance of your roof is important to you, then you want copper or zinc. Now, zinc is very good at enduring the weather — wind and rain — but it is a bit on the soft side. So if you're someplace where it's likely a bunch of debris is going to fall on your roof, maybe you'll want to do more research before you go with zinc. It's very pretty, though, and it will last.

Copper, of course, is another beautiful roofing choice. It is more difficult to install, so may not be as DIY friendly. But it is fire-resistant, weather-resistant, and lightweight, and it is beautiful.

While DIY potential was mentioned in this writing, it's recommended you have a service install it unless you're an advanced DIYer yourself, as this is kind of a tricky project for the average homeowner.

Reach out to a metal roof install service to learn more.

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