Roofing Guide To Synthetic Materials And Asphalt Shingle Alternatives

When renovations need to be done to the roof of your home, you may be considering different options for your roof. Today, there are asphalt shingle alternatives that can create the look of materials like slate tiles when replacing shingles. These synthetic materials look great and are more durable than conventional shingles:

Stamped Metal Roofing—One of the first options to consider for an asphalt shingle roof replacement is metal roofing. Today, stamped metal can give you the look of many classic roofing materials, like slate, shakes, and decorative roof tiles. These materials are elegant, durable, and resistant to fire damage. Stamped metal shingles are an excellent choice to replace old asphalt materials with durable and attractive synthetic alternatives. Decorative metal shingles are also great for historic renovations with classic roofing materials. 

Synthetic Slate Tile Materials—Slate roofing is a material that you often see on classical architecture, but the weight of slate tiles makes it a bad choice to replace shingles. Today, there are synthetic slate tile materials that can be used as an alternative to replace the shingles on your home and create the elegant look of slate roofing when doing renovations. The benefits of synthetic slates are that they are affordable and durable alternatives to asphalt shingles. Synthetic slate materials will also need less maintenance and fewer repairs than real slate roofing.

Natural Shake Alternatives for a Wood Look—Wood shakes are a popular choice for residential roofing, but they have many disadvantages and are prohibited in some areas with dry summer weather. Therefore, you may be looking for an alternative to natural wood roofing. Today, there are several options for synthetic shakes, which include:

  • Stamped metal
  • Asphalt-based materials
  • Rubber-like materials

These are the many options that you can use as an alternative to natural wood to give your home the look of shake roofing when replacing asphalt shingles. Synthetic shake materials will also require less upkeep than natural shake roofing.

Green Asphalt-Free Premium Composite Shingles—Today, there are also green options that you may want to consider for your roof. These are composite shingles that use recycled rubber and plastic materials instead of asphalt. These asphalt-free composite shingles are premium materials that can outlast the conventional asphalt shingles that are normally installed on homes.

These synthetic roofing materials can be great alternatives to asphalt shingles. If you are ready to install these materials when doing renovations, contact a roofing service to discuss the best options for your home. 

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