Fiber Cement Siding Repairs When Your Home Has Unsightly Damage

While fiber cement is one of the most durable siding materials available, it is not immune to damage. Sometimes, the problems with fiber cement can be due to storms, trees, and wear. You will want to have the damage to your siding repaired before it gets worse and costlier to repair. The following fiber cement siding repairs are some of the problems that you may have to fix:

Patching any minor cracks that appear

Some of the problems with fiber cement siding start off as tiny cracks that are difficult to see. These cracks can grow into severe cracking that may cause the siding to fall off your home. Therefore, when you are inspecting your fiber cement siding, you are going to want to look for these cracks. There are special filler compounds that are formulated to fill the cracks in fiber cement to repair this type of damage.

Replacing boards that have severe damage

There are also boards that could have severe damage and need to be replaced. Sometimes, the problem could be due to boards being nailed too tightly when the siding was installed. This can cause holes and gaps between runs of siding. These boards need to be replaced before they cause problems with the siding near them. You also want to look for severe cracking and replace boards that have been split into two pieces due to cracks that have grown.

Repairing storm damage and replacing missing boards

The fiber cement siding you have installed on your home is just as vulnerable to storm damage as many other materials. Therefore, you may need to inspect the siding for signs of storm damage that needs to be repaired. The damage could be to the siding, as well as to the soffit and fascia. You will want to have storm damage repaired before it causes other issues with things like water damage.

Caulking and filling siding before painting after repairing damage

Once you have completed all the repairs to the siding, there is more work to do. You will want to caulk all the cracks of the siding and around windows and doors where air and moisture can get into your home. Then finish the siding repairs with a fresh coat of paint. This is especially important where you have replaced siding boards, and they will likely only have a coat of primer on them.

If you repair that damage to your fiber cement siding before it gets worse, fixing these issues can be quick and simple. Contact a siding repair service like Select Exteriors when you are dealing with these problems in the exterior finishes of your home.

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