Should You Consider A Single-Ply Roofing Membrane?

For many businesses, single-ply roofing is the best option. These roofs are safe and efficient, especially for a workplace setting. If you are looking for a durable option, this may feel like a good combination of performance and affordability.

So, is single-ply roofing membrane the best option for your building? This is what you need to know.

What Is a Single-Ply Roofing Membrane?

Single-ply roofing has grown in popularity, especially among those with buildings that have low slopes. These roofs are made up of one layer of waterproof material. It can be secured to insulation or weighed down. It may use a form of insulation, perhaps spray, to create a waterproofed covering.

The roof includes an insulating layer, a single-ply membrane, flashing, fasteners, and welding. The system can be made of rubber and thermoplastic membranes. Each type of membrane offers advantages. Businesses should discuss these membrane options with professionals before they choose a roofing style.

Why Is Single-Ply Membrane Great Roofing?

Single-ply roofing is adaptable for many businesses. Easy installation is part of this. Commercial roofers can install a single-ply roofing system easily.

This roofing is also eco-friendly. It reflects sunlight and absorbs less heat than other types of roofs. If you are looking to diminish the costs of running your business, this roof is a good option.

These roofs are also less likely to puncture. Machinery and footsteps are less likely to create punctures in your roof because it is strong enough to withstand this force.

This roofing is resistant to UV rays and other harsh weather conditions. This means that your roof can stand the test of time compared to other roofing materials.

Is Single-Ply Membrane The Best Choice for Everybody?

Of course, this is not the best roofing choice for every business. You should talk with a commercial roofer before you make a final decision. These membranes change with the temperature, expanding, and contracting. This means that some cracks can develop, so it may be bested suited for certain weather conditions.

You might also wonder about the cost of this kind of roofing. The cost of your roofing will vary based on the roofing material, attachment style, warranty, add-ons, and other steps you take to meet building codes or make your roof more energy-efficient.

Are you ready to talk about single-ply roofing? Contact a commercial roofing pro today to consider your roofing choices and make a final decision.

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