The Three Most Important Parts of Getting a New Roof

If you are interested in getting a new roof but aren't sure where to start, then you should understand a few important things. There are many important steps to getting a new roof, but three of the most important steps are getting your insurance under control, picking the roof you want, and finding the right roofers.


In general, you should know that house insurance generally does not cover new roofs that are being installed due to normal household wear and tear. However, there are situations in which you can ask your insurance to help cover the costs of the new roof and the labor attached. For example, depending on your insurance, your roof replacement may be covered if an "act of God" occurred, such as a major storm, lightning, or other problems. Sometimes, your insurance may cover part of the roof replacement costs for an aging roof. Always read and understand your insurance policies before attempting to cover your roof replacement underneath them.

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Once you have your insurance squared away, you should figure out the roof you want. The kind of roof that is best for your house depends entirely on the climate you live in and your budget. For example, flat roofs are an option for those that live in areas that see little to no rain, but if you live anywhere else in the US then you will be better off without one. Additionally, metal roofs frequently offer better insulation than asphalt shingles or tile, and they last longer. However, they're also more expensive in terms of both material cost and labor. You will want to carefully consider your options given what you need from your roof, and what you can get.


Finally, you will want to find a trustworthy roofing contractor to organize the materials and labor needed to replace your roof. You will want to get recommendations from other homeowners in your town or city, and make sure that they don't offer any shady deals such as lying to your insurance to get you a new roof for "free." Additionally, you'll want to make sure they know what they're doing when it comes to pulling permits, as you could both be punished without all the proper documentation. Once you have the roofing contractor you want, you can work with them to figure out the exact price of your new roof.

Getting a new roof can be a major endeavor, but with the right focus, you can streamline the entire process. Always make sure to understand your insurance policies, pick the right roofing materials for your area and budget, and find a trustworthy roofing contractor.

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