Residential Roofing And A More Fire-Resistant Shake Or Wood Shingle Roof For Your Home

If you want to have one of the most attractive roofing materials installed on your home, natural wood shakes are a good choice. The only problem is that these residential roofing materials are also vulnerable to fire, and in some areas, you will want to use alternatives that give you the look of wood without the fire hazard. The following residential roofing guide will help you choose the best materials for a fire-resistant shake roof.

Fire barrier roof decking system — The fire-resistance for your shake roof should start with the roof decking materials. Today, there are many synthetic alternatives to slats and plywood decking that are used in construction. Some of the most fire-resistant roof decking materials for your shake roof include:

  • Corrugated metal roof decking underlayments
  • Rigid fiberboard materials rated to withstand fire and heat
  • Fire-retardant-treated plywood materials for more resistance to fire and heat

These are the most fire-resistant roof decking materials that can be installed on your home to make the shake roof more fire-resistant.

Fire-resistant moisture barrier materials — In the past, typical roofing moisture barriers have been asphalt-based felt paper products. These materials provide fuel to fires and are not ideal for wood roofing. Therefore, you want to consider some of the modern alternatives that are available. One of the options to consider is a fire-resistant moisture barrier product that is rated to withstand fire and heat to protect your home and wood roofing system.

Using treated shake materials for more fire resistance — Another option to consider for your wood roofing is treated shake materials. For wet climates, these are wood shakes and shingles that are treated with a conventional pressure treatment process. There are also options for these wood products that have been pressure-treated with a special fire retardant to make the shake roof more resistant to heat and fire.

Maximize protection against fires with metal stamped shakes — The most fire-resistant building material to use for the exterior of your home is metal. Today, stamped metal shakes offer you the benefit of materials that will provide your home with more protection against fire and give you the look of wood shake roofing that you want. These materials are also easier to maintain and longer-lasting than many other roofing products.

These are things you will want to consider to give your home a more fire-resistant shake-style roof. Call a residential roofing service to talk to them about these solutions for a new shake roof.

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