A Look At Replacing Your Storm-Damaged Metal Roof

Although metal roofs are tough, they can still succumb to damage. If a tree falls on your roof during a storm or if severe hail causes widespread damage, a metal roof can be destroyed. When repairs aren't possible or practical, the roof needs to be replaced. Here's a look at what a metal roof replacement entails.

Decide If You'll Stay With Metal

Talk to your roofer about options when you need to replace a metal roof. If insurance pays for the cost of your new roof, the money involved may not be a consideration for you. If you have to pay for a new roof yourself, you might want to save money.

One possible option is to install a new metal roof over the old one. This won't be possible if the old roof has physical damage, such as being twisted by the wind. A roofer can let you know if adding a new metal roof over the old one is a good idea.

Another option is to switch to a less expensive roofing material, such as asphalt shingles. Since the old damaged roof has to be torn off down to the deck, you can choose any material you like for the roof replacement.

Remove The Old Roof And Fasteners

An advantage of metal roofing is that it can be recycled, so it doesn't take up space in a landfill. The roofer collects the roofing, fasteners, flashing, and other old roofing parts and then hauls them away to be sorted and recycled.

The deck of the roof is checked to see if it has to be replaced too. Your roof deck is probably made of plywood or similar material, so it might have water damage if the old roof was leaking. If the deck is rotted in places, the damaged areas are cut out and then new decking is installed.

Apply Underlayment And Roofing

Whether you get an asphalt roof or metal roofing, underlayment is put down first. Underlayment goes on top of the deck to protect it from water damage. Then roofing material is applied.

If you're having a new metal roof put on, you can choose from different types of metal, such as shingle or standing seam. You can also choose different types of metal, such as steel, copper, zinc, and aluminum. The roofer selects the right type of fasteners or screws for the type of metal roof you have installed.

If you choose metal for your roof replacement, you can expect many years of life from the roof. However, a bad storm can always derail those plans, especially if you have large trees next to your house. If you see any signs of damage to your new roof after a storm, call a roofer to check the roof so repairs or a replacement can be done before your home sustains water damage.

To learn more about roof replacement, reach out to a local roofing contractor.

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