3 Reasons To Use Built-Up Roofing On A Flat Roof

Flat roofs can be tricky to cover. If the roof has no slope, rainwater and dirt can collect on the surface for much longer than they would on a pitched roof.

While some people opt for simple rolled roofing here, a built-up solution is often more effective. This kind of roofing goes down in layers that are held together by an adhesive such as tar, asphalt, or bitumen. Finally, you add a sealing layer of an aggregate mix.

Why should you consider using built-up roofing on your home?

1. Better Protection

If you simply cover a flat roof with one layer of material, then you may not get as much weather and damage protection as you need. If the material springs a leak or a seam works loose, then it won't keep water out of your building.

A built-up roof creates a thicker and stronger barrier. Its layers typically interlock, so you won't have to worry about seams or weak spots.

The mix of material layers, adhesives, and aggregates all stick together to create a waterproof and weatherproof coating. Even if rainwater sits on the roof for a while or wind batters the surface, the roof should stay intact and impenetrable. This kind of roofing also rates well for fire resistance.

2. Better Insulation

While rolls of flat roofing cover the surface, they aren't typically that thick. They won't insulate the roof as well as a built-up roof can. For example, they won't keep heat or cold out of your property; they won't help you keep heat or cold inside it either.

The multi-layered structure of a built-up roof is useful here. The layers and the topping of aggregate create a thicker and more dense roof surface. This creates an effective barrier between external and internal temperatures.

Plus, you can also use solar-reflective materials to top the surface. These materials deflect some of the sun's UV rays and heat. This is especially useful if you have hot summers and want to keep your building cool without having to rely on your air conditioning too much.

3. Easier Repairs

Any roofing material might need a repair as it gets older. Some materials make this easier than others. For example, if you have a problem with a built-up roof, like a small hole or split, then you can usually simply cut out the damaged area and patch it up again. If you lose some protective aggregate from the top layer, you can simply stick down more.

If you like the idea of built-up roofing or have more questions about the services that residential roofers can provide, contact a local roofing company, like Golden Spike Roofing.

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