Prepping For Retirement? Good Reasons To Install Vinyl Siding

The need to attend to home maintenance is an unavoidable part of homeownership. Unfortunately, these necessary tasks continue even into retirement, when age, physical condition or a desire to travel can interfere.

If you are retiring soon and have decided to begin preparing your house to need less maintenance in the coming years, here are some convincing reasons to opt for the installation of vinyl siding. 

No more painting or touchups

The most popular reason for homeowners of any age to install vinyl siding, aside from its good looks, is to eliminate the mess and expense of scraping and painting the exterior. Some other siding types have a single layer of color on the exterior and are more easily marred by scratches and nicks. Color is added to the vinyl siding during the extrusion process and is present throughout the product.

Small nicks and scratches that occur remain unnoticeable, and if more serious damage occurs, homeowners can have the damaged section of vinyl siding replaced without redoing the entire home. 

Adding another layer of insulation

Installing vinyl siding can also be helpful in reducing energy usage in the home by adding another layer of insulation to the exterior. Homeowners can choose to have a weatherproof wrap added to the home prior to the installation of the siding to help with air loss.

If more the addition of more insulation is desired, homeowners can select a vinyl siding product that is manufactured to include a layer of efficient insulation.

Once fully installed, these extra layers of insulation can help to lower energy usage, reduce wear on HVAC components and make the home feel more comfortable throughout the year. 

Wrapping trim, railings and posts

One of the most time-consuming maintenance chores homeowners face involves sanding and preparing trim boards, window sills, and porch railings and posts. The prepared wood must then be painted or stained to prevent further damage from exposure to weather.

When opting for vinyl siding, these surfaces can also be wrapped with vinyl in the homeowner's choice of a matching or contrasting color. In addition to eliminating further maintenance on these surfaces, this type of waterproof vinyl treatment can extend the lifespan of these wood surfaces and improve the value and appearance of the home. 

To learn even more about the benefits of updating your home with vinyl siding, take time to discuss your situation and goals for retirement with a residential siding contractor in your area. 

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