The Advantages Of Foam Roofing Systems

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing systems have been around for decades, but have only surged in popularity in recent years. Today's foam roofs have become popular for both residential and commercial buildings because of their many fantastic benefits.

If you're considering installing a foam roofing system, here are some top benefits to expect.

Superior Leak Protection

Roof seams cause trouble for building owners. If they are not installed correctly, they can lead to leaks and eventual roof failure. 

SPF roofing is a spray-applied liquid roofing system that sets on virtually any surface, forming a seamless single monolithic membrane. This reduces the risk of leaks, which can cause costly damage to the roofing system and the entire building.

Plus, foam fills the smallest crevices and protrusions within a roofing system, further protecting the roof against leaks. 

Increased Strength and Durability

Polyurethane foam is used to build a strong and durable roof that can withstand daily exposure to outside elements such as rain, direct sunlight, high winds, ice, and snow and also provide a safe surface to walk on when it is time to carry out roof inspection, cleaning, or repair.

Not only can foam be used to build a strong and long-lasting roofing system, but it can also be used to reinforce and increase the lifespan of existing roofs.

Lower Maintenance

A foam roofing system does not require a lot of maintenance attention to remain structurally sound and look nice. This type of roof does not crack, rot, warp, or rust like other types of roofs. 

It only needs to be cleaned regularly to keep looking beautiful and recoated periodically to keep the waterproofing barrier intact.

More Environmentally Friendly

Compared to most roofing choices available today, foam roofing is a much better choice for the environment in many ways.

First, it lasts longer, which helps to reduce the demand for new roofing supplies required for re-roofing projects. Second, it does not require the use of toxic chemicals to build and maintain. Third, it can be applied over existing roofs, thus reducing the amount of construction waste that ends up being sent to landfill sites.

Looks Beautiful

A white coating surface is generally recommended because it looks attractive, doesn't fade, and is the most energy-efficient.

While the color white is the most common coating available for foam roofing systems, you may choose a different color for your roof depending on the look you want to achieve or other goals. Other color options you can choose from include beige, tan, and light gray.

Contact a reputable roofer near you for more information about foam roofing system installation services.

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