Why You Should Have A Residential Roofing Inspection Done In Spring

If your roof hasn't been checked by a roofer for a few years, spring is a good time to have a roof inspection done. A residential roofing contractor can check your roof during any season of the year, but here are some benefits of having an inspection in the spring.

Winter Damage Is Found Early

Winter is one of the hardest seasons for your roof. Ice and snow can damage asphalt shingles, and the weight of deep snow could even cause damage to the structure of your roof. If your roof suffered from damage during a harsh winter, a roofer can find the damage in the spring before spring and summer rains start.

Spring Is A Good Time To Have Roof Work Done

If the contractor finds damage to your roof, they might be able to start work right away. Once the weather gets nicer, roofers get busier. You could have to wait weeks to get a new roof put on by summer or fall. Spring weather is usually comfortable for the roofing crew, so work goes fast. Plus, getting a new roof or having repairs done in the spring could fit in with your spring cleaning and home improvement plans to get your property in order for the coming year.

Getting a new roof in the spring could also help your summer energy bills if you have energy-efficient roofing installed. Different types of residential roofing are energy efficient, including asphalt shingles and metal roofing. When the roof reflects the sun, your home won't heat up as much, and your AC bills might be lower in the summer.

An Inspection Helps You Plan For A New Roof

If you think your roof is old and you may need to replace it soon, it's good to have an inspection done as soon as possible. When you have the inspection done in the spring, you have several months before harsh winter weather returns, and that gives you time to choose your new roofing material and plan your finances so you can get a new roof before next winter.

Spring is a great time of year to have a roof inspection done and get a new roof or have roof repairs if your home needs them. However, don't put off calling a roofer, even if it's winter. If your roof is leaking, the damage to your roof may get worse with each passing month.

It's always best to get work done on your roof as soon as you know you have a problem, and even if you think your roof is fine, you may still want to get a roofing inspection after a bad winter or after a storm with hail just to make sure there is no damage that needs to be repaired.

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