Three Great Roofing Materials For Flat Roofs

If you are looking for the right type of flat roof, then you want to consider some of the best types of roofing materials for flat roofs. You are going to want a type that lasts a long time, is easy to maintain, and can be repaired easily when the time comes for repairs. Here are three great types of roofing materials that do well on flat roofs

Metal roofing

Metal roofing is a type that can last for decades on any type of roof. It is often chosen for flat roofs as well. Metal roofing is frequently comprised of aluminum and is known for its strength. When metal roofing is used, it offers some big benefits. One benefit of metal is it reflects the sun's heat away, preventing it from absorbing into the building and raising the cooling costs. Also, when metal roofs need to be repaired, the repairs are often easier to do than with other types of roofs. This means they can usually be done faster and for less of an expense. Metal roofing can take on a similar look to many other types, giving the best of both worlds. For example, a metal roof can mimic the look of a tile roof without the weight of tile. Metal roofing is strong enough to handle a lot of weight from snow, making it great for flat roofs.

EPDM roofing

EPDM roofs are made using ethylene propylene diene monomer and this is a synthetic rubber. Many people like that this type of roof is made from recycled materials. EPDM roofing materials are very affordable, and they are durable. This material offers great insulation, helping you to keep the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It is also one of the longer-lasting types of roofs. EPDM's strength makes it great for flat roofs, as well as others.

Spray foam roofing

Spray foam roofing is a type of roofing that's catching on for commercial and residential roofing needs for a lot of reasons. For one thing, it levels out on its own when it is sprayed onto the roof. This makes for a very fast installation time. Also, when it levels out, it will create a solid roofing surface without seams. Since the seams in roofs create some of the biggest leaking risks, this type of roofing takes away a lot of those chances of ending up with leaks. The spray foam is also a great insulator, helping to reduce heating and cooling expenses. Repairing a spray foam roof is also easy to do, lowering the roof's repair costs. Spray foam roofing is good for just about all roofing types. 

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