4 Possible Causes Of Roof Leaks

A quality roof keeps your home dry and safeguards prized belongings from damage. And so as such, you want to ensure that you maintain in top shape to avoid having a leaky structure. However, if your roofing is leaking already and you can't spot the source of the problem, there are many ways to tell. For instance,  leaks typically cause brown stains on your ceiling. Also, pools of water on the floor after heavy rainfall indicate a significant leak. Consider roof repair once you spot these signs. Here are four possible causes of roof leaks in your residence.

Damaged or Missing Shingles 

A storm or strong winds can blow away shingles, allowing leaks. In addition to that, if you did not install the roofing system properly. In other cases, a tree can fall on your roof and damage it. With time, water might start dripping from these exposed areas. You can ask a licensed roofer to inspect the exact spots and repair them immediately. Bear in mind that ignoring minimal leaks can lead to water damage eventually.


Most people install their TV antenna or Satellite dish on their rooftops. Holes could remain when you remove these items from your roof. As a result, water can use these holes as entry points to your indoor space. Even if the holes are small, leaks can ruin your house's structural integrity with time. You need an expert to inspect your roof and patch the holes. That way, you don't have to worry about expensive fixes in the future.

Flashing Problems

Ideally, a flashing seals joints and seams in your roofing unit. This component protects the roof from pests and water seepage. Your flashing can crack or get damaged due to age and weather elements. When your flashing becomes weak, water could enter your home. The metal can suffer corrosion, but an expert can solve this problem. A licensed roofer can check the flashing and fix it to work correctly.

Poorly DIY Driven Nails

A leak could occur if the contractor does not secure the nails properly into the rafters. Typically, protruding nails can be the perfect entryway for water into your home. This problem can also affect your framing and create routes for leakage when it rains. You can encounter leaks in your living space when the ice melts and follows gaps in the nails. Roof repair ensures that no nail is hanging or creating holes for leaks. An expert can also check if they are in excellent condition.

Your roof can leak because of the above reasons. Consider working with a professional to fix these issues. You can continue enjoying the functional and aesthetic benefits of your roof. Consult a roofing service for a great outcome.

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