3 Essential Factors To Note When Considering A Mansard Roof Replacement

Mansard roofs date quite many years back. They were regarded as a fashionable feature back then and have maintained this reputation to date. They feature a four-sided hybrid of hip and gambrel designs. Its other distinguishing quality is a dormer window on the lower slope. If you are looking to replace yours for any reason, here are some key factors you need to consider:

They Do Not Work Well with Asphalt Shingles

When replacing a mansard design, it's important to consider the roofing material you will use. Generally, it would help if you steered away from asphalt shingles. Since they have a high pitch, the weight of shingles may hold effectively, even if you use the right installation technique. You need to consult a residential roofing replacement professional to recommend other materials. For example, you could use synthetic shingles made using recycled plastic or go with cedar shake shingles that are made of cedarwood. While both cedar shakes and synthetic shingles are pricey, in the case of cedar shakes, the experts first make strips rather than install them individually. Ultimately, your decision on the material will be determined by the style you're looking to achieve.

The Steeper the Design, the Costlier the Installation

Before your contractor installs the mansard roof, they calculate the costs by considering the pitch. Generally, steep alternatives are more complicated to install, and additionally, roofers need specialist safety gear and skills to avoid accidents. This may inevitably cause the project to take longer and cause the costs of replacing your roof structure to rise.

There Are Dump Fees for Old Roofing Material

As your old home roof structure is uninstalled, it results in a lot of debris on your property, and you need to get rid of it effectively and efficiently. To dispose of the debris, the professionals collect and load it onto a truck, following which they dispose of it at a dumpsite. However, there is a fee for this service, usually based on the amount of debris produced. Contractors consider this when giving the final quote, and during the consultation, you may also ask the residential roofing replacement professionals directly about the debris disposal service. 

Now that you have a good understanding of mansard replacement, you are now ready to hire a roofer to perform the installation. They are also well equipped to answer any questions you still have and address lingering concerns. With their help, you will install the perfect roof over your house.

For more information about residential roofing replacement, contact a local roofer.

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