Should You Replace Your Home's Roof?

Are you unsure if your roof needs replacement, but you have a suspicion that the time is coming soon? It will help to know the following reasons to replace a roof.

Wildlife Damage

One reason to get a new roof is if you have evidence of wildlife damage. Animals like raccoons are capable of clawing through shingles, especially if you have rotting wood, and then make their home inside your attic. If you hear animals in your attic or see the signs of damage, then it may be worth investigating the extent of the damage and if a new roof is necessary.

Wind or Hail Damage

It's possible that your roof has been torn up over the years by damage from the weather. Wind and hail are capable of causing damage that can make a roof leak and is very difficult to repair. You'll want to have the roof inspected to identify if the shingles are capable of protecting your home, or if you need new ones.


It is not a good sign if you have a roof that is sagging. This is an indication that the roof decking material is rotting and needs to be replaced, since it will only get that way from water getting beneath the shingles and causing damage to the supporting structure of the roof. You'll need to remove all of the old shingles to get to the roof deck and make repairs. 

Light In The Attic

Have you gone into the attic and can actually see sunlight shining through the roof? This means that there is a clear entry point where water can get into the home. This is not good, since there are likely other places where there are holes in the roof that you cannot see, and you'll need to tear off the roof to fix them.

Extensive Moss Or Algae Damage

Have you ignored your roof for quite some time and there is extensive moss or algae growth on it? Moss and algae are capable of causing shingles to deteriorate in places, which creates weak roofing material that allows water into your home. Your roof may be beyond the point of just needing to be cleaned, and roof replacement is the only option.

Curling And Cracked Shingles

Your shingles may be damaged in a way that is beyond repair, such as suffering from cracks and curling damage. Cracks can be difficult to spot from the ground, but curling shingles are easy to identify. This could lead to large sections of the roof needing to be replaced with new material, and at that point, it may be best to replace the entire roof. 

To learn more, contact a residential roofing contractor today.

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