Mistakes To Avoid During Roofing Repair

Most homeowners assume that roofing repairs are easy. Well, repairs might look minor, but you have to treat them with some seriousness. Unfortunately, people make mistakes during roof repairs. This article highlights these mistakes so that you can avoid them in the future. Besides, it's the only way to enjoy a functional roofing system after repairs. 

DIY Roof Repair

Most people will disagree that it's wrong to do DIY roof repairs. The thing is, some roofing problems might be a bit more complicated than you might think. As such, the little wisdom you have on roofing repairs won't suffice. You might even worsen the problem while trying to correct it. 

No matter how minor the repair seems, you should call an experienced roofer to correct it. As long as an expert does the repairs, the problem won't recur. 

Repairing a Roof That's Past Its Prime

Repairs can help you buy more time, but you shouldn't overdo them. You can easily tell that your roof is too old if the deck is rotting, it has widespread leaks, or most of the shingles are missing. Unfortunately, some people will ignore all these signs and continue to repair their roofs. You might buy yourself some time, but you'll be wasting money. As such, there is no need to repair a roof that needs replacing. 

Putting New Shingles on Top of Old Ones

If you are repairing a section of your roof, it's wrong to lay new shingles on top of the aging ones. Unfortunately, most DIYers still go ahead to cover their worn-out shingles with new ones. Unfortunately, this mistake comes with many concerns, such as 

  • Warranty concerns
  • Weight stains
  • Water and ice leak barrier problems
  • Building regulations
  • Bumpy surfaces
  • Inspection difficulties

Using Incorrect Roof Materials

Skimping on materials will always come to haunt you in the future. So, as much as you want to save on costs, don't be tempted to use cheap roofing materials. Unfortunately, your chances of getting high-quality materials are greatly reduced when you take the DIY route. Only professional roofers know which companies produce the best roofing materials. 

So, if you can't get your hands on the recommended materials, just enlist the help of professionals instead of cutting corners. Remember that ignoring the manufacturer's specifications can void the warranty.

Reusing Old Flashing

Some people like reusing their flashing during roofing repairs. Sadly, this is a practice you must stop if you want to protect your home from leaks. As much as the flashing appears to be in good condition, never reuse it. Always replace the flashing with a new one instead of reusing it.

Contact a local roofer to learn more about roof repair.

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