Steps to Prepare for Roofing Installation

If you are like many people, then you don't pay much attention to your home's roof until you see water dripping down from the ceilings. Once you notice this, it is probably too late to have a simple repair as there could be serious damage to the wood under any roofing materials. While you may not have to replace the whole roof, you are probably going to need some roofing installation work done. To give you an idea of what is going to be involved, here is a bit of information.


The first thing you should do is contact a professional roofing company to come and inspect things. In fact, there will be inspections done numerous times during the whole process. While you can forego them and just get straight to the work being done it is to your benefit to know and understand exactly what is needed and why.

Remove Old Roofing Materials

On top of the roof structure itself is some type of roofing material. This could be shingles, tiles, or metal. Under that will be a layer of some type of waterproof material and under that will be plywood. As each layer is removed, the amount of damage to the roof will be exposed. Water does not always drip down from the exact spot it broke through the roofing materials. Quite often it travels along the wood or beams underneath the material. This means you may have to keep removing things to find where the problem is. 

Inspect the Structure

Unfortunately, if there is water or other damage that has been going on for a while, the actual roof structure and beams that hold everything up may be damaged too. If the structure is sound, the workers can start replacing the plywood immediately. If the structure has been damaged, you will need to have the damaged beams replaced as well.

Once you know exactly what needs to be done, the roofing installation can begin. Talk with the roofers to determine how much work is needed and how long it will take to complete it all. Even if the whole roof is not affected yet, it may be a good idea to just have the whole roof replaced at once instead of having portions done each year or two. It is important to note that as each layer of roofing is removed you need to have some type of waterproof cover over the area or more damage will occur if it should rain.

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