Why Should You Accept A Free Roofing Inspection?

If you live in an area that's prone to storm damage, you've probably had one or more roofers stop by and offer free roofing inspections in the past. Why do roofers offer these services, and should you accept them? Many homeowners are initially skeptical of these inspections, but they offer a surprisingly large amount of value.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don't understand why roofers offer these inspections or how you can benefit. If you're on the fence, check out these three reasons why accepting a free roofing inspection can save your roof and your wallet.

1. Storm Damage is Localized

Damage from storms tends to be highly local but consistent. If a wind or hail storm rolls through your neighborhood, roofers typically expect to see similar damage across most of the homes in the area, all else being equal. In other words, if your neighbors' roofs suffered damage in a storm, there's a reasonable chance your roof also suffered damage.

Roofing contractors will often offer free inspections in affected areas because they've already repaired or replaced one or more roofs in the area. Other homeowners may think their roofs made it through unscathed or may not even be aware that a storm was severe enough to cause damage. If you've been noticing your neighbors making repairs, an inspection can determine if your roof suffered the same fate.

2. Time Matters

Many homeowner insurance policies cover storm roofing damage, but that doesn't mean you have unlimited time to file. Limitations vary between providers, but there's a high likelihood you'll have a year or less to file a claim after your roof suffers storm damage. Waiting too long can result in a partial claim or an outright denial.

However, there's another complication: the longer you wait, the harder it will be to blame the damage on a covered event. By accepting a free inspection shortly after a storm passes through your area, your roofing contractor can better document the damage and show that it was likely the result of a storm. This documentation gives you the best chance of a successful claim.

3. Damage Isn't Always Obvious

What if your roof seems fine? Or what if there haven't been any recent storms in your area? Unfortunately, roofing damage isn't always obvious or quick. Some damage and wear can result in water slowly seeping under shingles or around flashing. This water may not cause any leaks (at least, not immediately), but it can rot out your roof decking and cause other long-term issues.

A free inspection is a cost-effective way to determine if your roof has these issues, allowing you to address the problem or replace your roof before you begin suffering from water damage. At a minimum, an inspection will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your roof is still in good condition and will last a few more years. For more information on a free roofing inspection, contact a professional near you.

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