Old-Fashioned Roof Materials That Deserve To Make A Comeback

In the roofing world, there is always a focus on the newest and most innovative materials. Everyone wants the newest and most wind-resistant shingles. Roofers are always seeking out stronger metal panels and less crack-prone tiles. These modern roof materials surely have their place, and they offer great protection for many homes. However, there are also some old-fashioned roof materials that deserve to make a comeback. Here are three that you may want to consider if your goal is to build a more traditional roof that's still strong and viable.

Cedar Shakes

There was a time when lots of American homes had shake roofs. Then, shingles came into vogue and began to be preferred because they looked tidier and were easy to install. But cedar shakes are still a really durable roofing option as long as you're not in a place where wildfires are a concern. Cedar repels moisture, is resistant to rot, and doesn't grow mold easily. Shakes are also eco-friendly; you can't get more natural than plain wood. Not all roofing companies install cedar shake roofing, but you should be able to find one that does with relative ease. You'll pay a bit more for cedar shakes than for shingles, but the cost difference isn't typically huge.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is made from natural stone. It was really common about a century ago and was valued for its longevity. Many slate roofs put on homes over a century ago are still viable today. Choose slate roofing, and you'll never have to replace the roof again. The only real downside to this type of roofing is its weight. It's simply too heavy for some older home structures to support. But, if your roofer says your home can bear it, slate roofing can offer excellent protection while giving your home a gorgeous, traditional look.

Thatched Roofing

Thatched roofs are those made from bundled grass or water reeds. The reeds form a dense barrier over the home, offering surprising protection against moisture and heat. Creating a thatched roof is a specific art, and there are only a few roof companies that offer this service. However, if you can find someone to do the work, your home will look remarkable once the roof is complete. Plus, thatched roofing is eco-friendly and can decompose naturally when you're done with it.

The three roofing materials above all have their place, and they deserve to make a comeback. If you want a more traditional roof for your home, keep these options in mind.

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