Repairing Your Roof After A Tree Branch Falls On It

The trees that you have growing around your house can be an attractive detail of the property that will also provide valuable shade during the hotter months of the year. Unfortunately, these plants can be one of the major causes of significant roofing damage to residential properties.

Falling Branches Can Be A Major Threat To Your Roof

Falling branches from trees can be one of the most common sources of substantial roof damage to a tree. Unfortunately, these branches can cause both structural and surface damage to the roof when they strike it. For example, it can be common for branches on the tree to actually puncture the roof, which could allow large amounts of water to start seeping into it.

The Scope Of The Roofing Damage Can Be Difficult To Assess

It is often the case that a homeowner will underestimate the extent of the damage that may occur to their property as a result of the tree branch landing on it. In particular, these individuals may assume that this is only a major concern if the tree branch has caused obvious structural damage to the house. However, it can be possible for small punctures and other types of damage to also result from these impacts. In order to make sure that these damages are found and addressed, a homeowner should arrange for a full assessment to be completed of their roof. This can allow a professional to determine the extent of the damage that the falling branch was able to cause as well as prepare an estimate for completing the necessary repairs.

Small Leaks In The Roof Will Still Require Urgent Repairs To Limit Further Damage To The Home

In many cases, the damage from a tree branch hitting the roof may be limited to a series of small leaks forming. Unfortunately, a homeowner may not view repairing these minor leaks as a major priority. This can lead to repeated water intrusion occurring, which could cause extensive rot to form throughout the roof supports. Furthermore, this moisture could allow mold to start growing, which could pose an entirely new set of challenges for the home. Promptly repairing and patching any leaks that have formed as a result of the tree branch will be essential for avoiding the worst of these effects. As a result, being proactive with repair small leaks can potentially reduce the overall repair costs for the home, which may also limit the disruptions that these repairs will cause.

For more information about roof repair, contact a local company.

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