3 Indicators You Should Call A Roofing Contractor For Repairs After A Storm

Have you recently experienced a storm that could damage your roofing system? After a storm, you should take time to inspect your property for damages. That's because elements associated with storms, like hail and flying debris, can cause significant damage to various structures. For instance, strong winds can break off tree branches, and hail stones can leave holes and dents on your roof.  

For this reason, you need to understand the warning signs of a compromised roof to call roofing contractors on time. So, how do you determine if your roof has sustained storm damage? Read on to find out.

1. When the Roof Shingles Go Missing or Develop Holes

Are some of the roofing shingles missing? Do some shingles have cracks or holes in them? Or do they appear to be lifting on one side? Though the shingles are designed to withstand severe weather, they can become less effective if you don't keep up with their maintenance. As a result, such shingles will easily be blown away or get damaged during a storm, exposing the underlying roof materials to damage. When this happens, you'll need to call a roof repair expert immediately to replace the missing and broken shingles to prevent further damage.

2. When There Are Water Leaks

It is not uncommon to find water leaking into your home through the attic or ceiling during or after a storm. However, sometimes, these leaks may be subtle. For instance, brown spots may form on your ceilings, a musty odor may take over your space, or the drywall may crack and bulge out. When you notice such issues, ensure you call a roofing contractor to inspect the extent of the damage and fix it immediately.

3. When the Chimney Starts Leaning

Serious storms can damage the flashing seal around your chimney and allow water to seep into the internal structures. Consequently, this reduces the support around the chimney, causing it to lean to one side. If you don't fix such damage on time, water will keep seeping into your house, and the chimney might develop more problems or collapse. Therefore, ensure you analyze the chimney's position after each storm to get any damage repaired on time.

Your roof protects you from severe weather and keeps your home comfortable. Therefore, it is important to maintain it regularly and repair any issues immediately to keep it effective. Roof repairs are especially important after a storm since your roof will likely sustain damage from hail and strong winds. Fortunately, a roofing service — such as Troyer  Roofing & Construction — can assess the damage and fix any components within the shortest time possible

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