Upgrades To Make To Your Home's Roof

Replacing your home's roof is one of the biggest projects you can undertake for your home. While installing a new roof is often done to address structural issues, it can also be a chance to make a series of upgrades to improve its performance and avoid problems in the future. 

Upgrading The Quality Of The Roofing Material

During the roof replacement process, upgrading its materials can provide better performance and longevity. Two of the most durable roofing materials are stone tiles and metal. Homeowners may assume that metal roofing will always be unsightly or just dull roofing materials. However, modern metal roofing can be colored to provide a look that blends better with the exterior of your house. When choosing a color for metal roofing, lighter colors can be more energy-efficient due to their ability to reflect light and heat.

Replacing The Flashing Near Skylights

If your home has skylights, they use flashing around them to stop leaks from letting water into the home's interior. The flashing will have to be removed during a roof replacement. Otherwise, the contractors cannot remove the shingles, tiles, or other roof coverings. Opt for the thickest and highest-quality option when replacing the flashing. These flashing materials will be far less vulnerable to warping due to strong winds or hail impacts.

Adding An Ice Melting System To The Roof

Heavy snow and ice can be extremely harmful to a home's roof. When heavy snow and ice form, they can strain the structural supports and contribute to the roof sagging. Modern thermal roofing systems may provide a convenient solution for combating this problem. These warming systems actively melt the winter precipitation that collects on the roof before it can cause problems for the home. These systems involve placing electric warming elements on the roof to keep it warm enough to stop these accumulations.

Adding More Vents To The Roof

Poor ventilation is an issue that impacts many roofs. Without adequate ventilation, the roof may suffer various types of damage over the years. Dry rot is a prevalent type of damage caused by this issue, but it is also possible for the roof to develop mold, corrosion, and warped wood components. Installing more vents to the roof is one solution for this issue. A roof replacement project can be a convenient time to install these new vents. In addition to being a convenient time for making this change, it can also maximize the life of your new roof.

Contact a local roofing company to learn more. 

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