Ways To Make Your New Roof Better Than Your Old Roof

When you have your home's roof replaced, the assumption is often that the roofer will strip the old roofing off and put similar, but new, roofing on in its place. This is an acceptable way to re-roof a home, but is it the best way to re-roof a home? Not necessarily. You may want to take advantage of this opportunity to have your roofer make some updates and upgrades while they are already replacing your roof. Here are some key updates and upgrades to consider.

Higher-End Drip Edge

Drip edge is the plastic or metal material that is placed under your edge shingles. It is meant to protect against leaks in this area, which is an area more vulnerable to leaks. If you have ever seen ice dams on your roof, then you may want to ask your roofer to upgrade your drip edge. A thicker or more durable drip edge can give you even more protection against moisture damage. 

More Vents

Ventilation is important for keeping your roof cool. It allows hot air to escape from the attic so it does not heat up the roof itself too much. Many roofs were not built with quite enough ventilation, so you may want to ask your roofer to look over your roof design and tell you if you could benefit from more vents. An extra soffit vent or two can go a long way.

Algae Prevention Strips

Does your current roof have any black streaks running down it? These streaks are usually caused by algae. You may want to protect your new roof from the same fate. A roofer can easily do this by installing algae prevention strips along the roof. These strips will release zinc or copper ions every time it rains. Algae won't grow on a roof that's covered in zinc or copper ions. 

A Skylight

If you have ever wanted a skylight, now is the time to have one installed. It is a lot easier to install a skylight when a roof is being replaced already than it is to have one added later on. Consider where you want it located, and talk to your roofer about possible design options.

If you're already having your roof replaced, why not make a few updates and upgrades in the process? The options above tend to work well for many homeowners, but it will all depend on your individual preferences and the layout of your home.

 For more info, contact a local roofing company. 

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