Roofing Services You May Need After Severe Wind Damage

Severe storms can bring damaging rain, lightning, and winds. It is the wind that can leave your home with the most damage. There are several areas of your home's exterior that may receive the brunt of this damage. You may be surprised to know that your roofing contractor can handle most if not all of the damage you may receive from winds. Here are the roofing services to know about. 

Roof and Gutter Repair 

The first place you will likely notice damages from wind is with your roof. You may notice a leak in the roof, loose shingles, or even parts of the flashing coming loose. In addition to the typical roof-related issues, you may also notice problems with your gutter. This could mean a loose gutter, parts of the gutter missing or damaged, or entire sections of the gutter ripped from their anchor points. Your roofing contractor offers roofing services to help repair or replace issues in these roofing and gutter areas. 

Vinyl Siding

Heavy winds can cause your trees to break and splinter. They can also cause tree limbs and broken pieces to fly into your home. The impact will cause damage to your vinyl siding. This damage can include holes, cracks, and even the removal of siding depending on the intensity of the wind. Your roofing contractor offers services that can help with vinyl siding repair and replacement. They can also make siding upgrades and replacements around windows and doors. 

Window Replacement

Your windows are an aspect of your home that can be damaged easily due to heavy winds and rain. They are also a part of your home that you do not want to go long without. Your roofing contractor offers several services that deal with window replacement, installation, and window repair. They can also ensure the siding around the windows is placed properly to help avoid water damage to the window casing and the interior of your home as well. 

If you experience wind damage to your siding, windows, or roof contact your roofing contractor. They can inform you about the roofing services they offer and schedule a time to inspect the damage. Once the damage is inspected, your contractor will discuss the next steps in the repair or replacement process. If you have any questions about the repairs or upgrades you may want to make to reduce damages in the future, discuss them with your roofing contractor. 

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