You Want To Find All Possible Roofing Issues

You can have a roof leak that leaves puddles of water in your living room. Other times, you can have roof problems that cause the eaves around the exterior to crumble from rot. These are a couple of examples of obvious roofing damage. However, roof issues aren't always this easy to spot. They can begin as minor problems, where there is water leaking in an area you're unaware of. Or, you may have roofing material missing that leaves your roof prone to leaks. Catching problems early on means preventing them from causing a lot of damage down the road. Here are some things to look for that can let you know that the roofer should be called:

You find roofing material in your yard

You may not see all the areas of your roof when you're standing on the ground. This means there could be areas missing some shingles. When shingles fly off the roof, it's likely they'll end up somewhere in your own yard. If you find roofing materials lying around, take this as a sign the roof should be checked by the roofer. Also, watch for an excessive amount of granules ending up on the ground or in the gutters. When a lot of granules are coming off the roof, it means the roof is getting near the point where it likely needs to be replaced. 

There are changes in the look of the ceiling

You can spot roofing issues by paying close attention to the look of your ceiling. Anything that looks like discoloration, a stain, or dark rings can mean there is a leak. While the water may not be dripping in front of you, these signs can still let you know there's an issue with moisture that's likely coming from the roof. 

You can see lights in the attic

You can check for roofing damage by going into the attic and turning the lights off. Look upward and see if there are any areas where you can see daylight coming through. If you spot any light, then have the roofer come out, because these areas will need to be repaired. 


Any time you see something going on that could mean that there's a concern with the roof, it's best to call the roofer right away. You can have the problem repaired before it ends up spreading. Roof damage can lead to issues with mold, water damage, and even pest infestations. If you don't catch problems until they become more noticeable, you might end up needing to have other areas of your house repaired as well. 

Contact a roofer for more information about roofing repair.

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