3 Questions To Ask A Roofing Contractor About Your Roof Replacement

Getting your roof replaced can be an expensive and time-consuming prospect. A lot of stuff goes into replacing your roof, including stripping off whatever materials are already on your roof and repairing or replacing any of the undersheathing that supports your roof. Before you get a new roof, you need to find a contractor. Before you decide on a contractor, you should ask them some questions to help you decide. 


One of the things that you should ask is how long it will take for the roofer to demo and replace your roof. You should ask how long it will take if the weather stays optimal and how long it will take if the weather turns poor. The roofers can't work in certain kinds of weather for safety. 


Weather can really influence how much the workers can work, both the hours and if they can work. If you live where it gets really hot in the summer, your roofing contractor may vary the hours when the crew is working so that they don't get as much exposure to heat. For example, the roofers may start earlier in the morning so that they can stop earlier in the afternoon before it gets too hot. The hot weather may also cause truncated workdays, depending on how it gets. At some point, doing heavy physical work in the heat becomes too dangerous, no matter how much ice water the roofers pour down their throats. If it rains heavily, climbing on the roof can be hazardous, so that may mean that roofers aren't going to work that day.  

Crew Size

You should also ask about crew size. The larger the crew your roofing contractor brings, the faster the replacement will go. However, too many people will get in each other's way, which can actually slow down the work. It's a careful balance, but the contractor should be able to manage it and know the crew size that will go up on your roof. 

If you need to replace your roof, you must find a contractor to help you. Ask them a few questions before you make a final decision about which contractor you are going to go with. While it can take a few weeks and a lot of money to get a new roof, the right contractor can make sure that there are as few delays or extra costs as possible. 

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