Gutter Upgrades For A Residential Property

A weak gutter system may leak or become detached from your home during heavy rains and windy conditions. Use the following suggestions to guide you in improving the strength and appearance of the gutter system.

The Assessment

Blockages occur when excessive leaves, dirt, and twigs accumulate within the gutter pieces. An improperly-sized gutter system may not be able to effectively route water away from the rooftop.

Consider the problems that you have incurred with the current gutter system. If you have dealt with pooling water, leaks, and blockages, the gutter design may be contributing to these issues. Your assessment should involve inspecting the gutter system and the rooftop.

If the flashing materials on the rooftop are damaged, plan on having the flashing upgraded. The installation of new flashing, plus the installation of durable gutter materials, will support adequate drainage from the rooftop to the ground.

The Materials

The fascia is the material that runs along the underside of the roof. The gutter run that will be installed horizontally will need to be anchored to the fascia. Cleaning and painting the fascia prior to installing the new gutter system will protect the fascia materials.

If your home does not have a fascia, brackets and other stabilizing materials will be needed to anchor the gutter run. If a professional roofing crew will be installing the new flashing materials and gutter pieces, they will prepare an itemized list of all of the essentials that are needed.

The Dimensions

The gutter dimensions will be carefully considered during the planning of the gutter replacement. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain, for example, the contractor who prepares the upgrades may recommend that you choose a wider gutter size than what was previously installed on your home.

Wider gutter pieces are able to support large volumes of rainwater. The contractor may advise that two downspouts are installed. One downspout will be secured along each end of a gutter run. This type of gutter layout will drain rainwater quickly. Once rainwater is deposited into the gutter run, it will be transported to the downspout that is closest.

The Upgrade

The roofing crew will clean the rooftop. Then, they will install the new flashing materials. Lastly, they will remove the old gutter system and install the new one. The formal contract that your contractor draws up may include the disposal of the old gutter pieces. Your contractor will use their vehicle to haul away all of the materials that are being disposed of. 

For more info about gutter replacement, contact a local company. 

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