Five Things To Avoid On Your Shingle Roof

Ensuring that your roof has a long life requires more than simply knowing proper maintenance. You also need to know what types of things to avoid so that accidental damages won't occur.

1. Walking On the Roof

One of the most damaging things you can do to a shingle roof is walk on it. Walking compresses shingles, and it can knock off the protective granules. This shortens the lifespan of your roof while also increasing the likelihood of leaks. Avoid walking on the roof to install holiday lights or perform other tasks. It's advisable to call in a pro if you do need a task performed on the roof.

2. DIY Rooftop Installations

Whether you are installing a solar panel, satellite dish, or another product, it's best to avoid doing it yourself. Improper rooftop installations can cause leaks. The damage can be much more severe than simple shingle damage since these devices need to be anchored into the roof sheathing or other underlying supports. A failed installation can cause even more severe damage, as it can pull off shingles and tear holes in the roof when it fails.

3. Pressure Washing

Dirt, moss, and algae stains on the roof aren't pleasant to look at, but improper cleaning can result in more damage than the debris and dirt. Pressure washing is a quick way to remove debris, but it will also strip off the granules on the shingles. The pressure can also lift shingles so that water seeps below and into your home. A roofer or professional roof cleaner will have the proper equipment to clean the roof without causing damage.

4. Ignoring Tree Maintenance

The trees growing near your roof can cause damage if they shed branches or scrape against shingles. Don't skip annual trims on these trees. A professional trim prevents falling deadwood and overgrown branches. The trimming service will be skilled at removing these branches without any risk of them falling onto your roof.

5. Postponing Eaves Maintenance

The eaves of your roof can be a weak spot. Wooden eaves, for example, can rot if they aren't kept properly painted and sealed. This rot lets water into the roof, which can lead to a complete roof failure. The gutters attached to the eaves can also pose a problem if they aren't regularly cleaned or if they come loose. Maintaining the gutters helps prevent damage.

Contact a roofing company for more help with your roof maintenance.

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