Repairs Your Leaking Roof Could Need And How To Reduce The Risk Of A Bad Roof Leak

It's a shock when you see water dripping from the ceiling during heavy rain. When water starts dripping from the ceiling, that could indicate the leak has been going on for a long time and there is water damage in your attic and on the roof.

You'll want to call a roof repair company right away so you can stop the damage to your house. Here are some roof repairs you might need and how you can prevent a surprise leak in the future.

Repairs A Leaky Asphalt Shingle Roof Might Need

If you're lucky, the only repairs you might need to have done are to patch up a hole on the roof and put on a new shingle. However, when water is involved, you could have more extensive damage to deal with.

The roofer might need to replace decking that has rotted. The deck of your roof is usually made of plywood, and if it stays wet long enough, it will rot. The rotted area has to be removed so the roof doesn't mold or get weak and collapse.

Your roofer will probably check the flashing and the shingles since leaks around flashing are common. Flashing can be patched or replaced, and it should be repaired if it is rusty or loose.

Repairs Might Be Needed In More Than One Place

Your roofer also determines why your roof is leaking. If the problem was caused by a raccoon tearing a hole in the roof, the damage is probably located in a single area. If the problem is because the roof is old and worn out or has old hail-damaged shingles, then your roof could need repairs in more than one place to prevent future leaking.

Roof Repairs Can Prevent Serious Water Damage

To prevent being surprised by a bad roof leak again, make it a habit to look inside your attic regularly for leaks. You can also examine your shingles as best as you can, even if you do it from the sidewalk. Having roof repairs done promptly will extend the life of your roof and prevent water damage to your home.

After the roofer stops the leaks on your roof, you may still be left with cleaning up water damage in your attic and home. You might need to replace your ceiling and add new insulation. Expenses like this can often be avoided by keeping a close eye on your roof and getting repairs quickly when they're needed. Talk to a roofing contractor for more information.

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