How A Roof Leak Can Lead To A Mold Problem If You Don't Get Prompt Roofing Repairs

One of the reasons it's important to have roof repairs done promptly is so you can keep mold out of your attic and house. When you have a roof leak, you might be worried about water damage, but mold should also be a big concern. Here's how a roof leak can lead to mold and why timely roofing repairs are so important.

A Roof Leak Can Cause Mold Problems

A roof leak can lead to mold in different areas of your home. Your attic is likely to suffer from damage since it is right under your roof, but it's also possible for rain to drip down behind walls and encourage mold to grow where it isn't visible.

Mold can grow on the rafters in your roof and the rafters can begin to decay. Mold can also ruin insulation and drip on through to the ceiling below and cause mold to grow behind your ceiling.

The problem with hidden mold is that you might breathe in the mold spores for a long time before you figure out your home has a mold problem. Mold might cause respiratory irritation or other health problems.

Timely Roof Repairs Are Important

If a roof leak isn't repaired soon enough, mold can grow and spread through your house and cause damage along the way. It's best to catch a mold problem early while it's easy to clean up. Mold remediation can be expensive if you have to call in professionals to get rid of the mold. By having a roof leak repaired, even if the repairs are just temporary, you stop the water and dampness that allows mold to thrive.

Types Of Roofing Repairs You Might Need

When a leak is caught early, the roofing contractor may only need to replace a few shingles or repair a rust hole in some flashing. Once mold has taken over, the roofer might need to replace part of the deck or even repair some of the rafters of your roof. Mold slowly destroys wood and mold thrives in dampness. The combination of mold and dampness could affect the structural stability of your house if the situation gets bad enough.

Mold can start growing in a couple of days on damp wood, but it takes time to cause serious damage. Fortunately, severe problems with mold can be prevented by having roofing repairs done when they're needed rather than putting them off. Besides the expense of repairing roofing materials that have been damaged by mold, you may also have to pay for mold remediation and restoring drywall and insulation inside your house if your roof leak goes on long enough.

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