Want a New Fireplace? 2 Types to Choose From

Having a fireplace in your home not only makes things feel warm and cozy but can also save money on your electric bill. When it comes to fireplaces there are different types available. Below you will find information about two of these types.

1. Wood Burning

When someone thinks of a fireplace, they think of a fireplace that burns wood and has a hearth. If you like this type you have options to choose from. One is a fireplace that has an open hearth and is generally made of brick or stone. You will smell wood and hear a fire crackling when standing or sitting close to this fireplace. You should know this type is much harder to install if you do not currently have a wood-burning fireplace in your home, but it can still be done. This is because you will have to install a chimney as well as make an opening for the fireplace. 

If you do not like an open hearth there are wood-burning fireplaces that have a glass panel. Because of this, not as much heat escapes out of the chimney but instead, the heat stays inside your home. This type works much like a wood-burning fireplace, but you have to open the glass panel to add wood or to clean the fireplace. 

2. Gas

If you do not want to use wood, some fireplaces use gas instead. This type is less expensive and provides much more heat when compared to a wood-burning fireplace. A gas fireplace is easier to install so you would not have to worry about doing a lot of construction work. 

There are gas fireplaces that are built in and have a direct vent. The vent goes through a chimney. If your home does not have a chimney you can have a pipe installed to put the vent through. The flame on this type of fireplace burns yellow instead of red. 

Ventless gas fireplaces are also available which is the least expensive type and easy to install. This is because you do not have to have a chimney or any type of vent. This type has a blue flame instead of yellow or red.  

When you hire a fireplace installation company to install your fireplace, they can go over these types with you in much more detail. The company can go over how the fireplace is installed so you will know what to expect. 

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