2 Subtle Signs Your Home's Roofing Shingles Were Damaged In A Hail Storm

After a storm deposited large amounts of hail in your area, you may be concerned that the icy stones may have damaged your roof. When you first look at the roof, the shingles may appear to have come through the storm undamaged. 

However, the hailstones may have caused damage that is not readily noticeable that could still cause more rapid deterioration of the shingles in the future. Below are a couple of signs for which you can look to determine whether there is unseen hail damage to your roofing shingles.

1. Piles of Greyish-Black Granules in Your Yard and Gutters

One sign for which you can look when trying to determine whether your roof was damaged in a recent hail storm can be found by looking in your gutters and in the areas of your yard that are closest to your home. On the surfaces of the shingles, there are tiny, greyish-black granules that are embedded into the material.

Providing extra protection between standing moisture and impact, these granules are essential to the longevity of the shingles. However, if the hailstones struck the shingles hard enough, these granules may have sheered off of the surface.

To find out if this has happened, look for these granules around your home and in your gutters. While a few granules are not much cause for concern, large amounts or even piles indicate that massive shedding has occurred and that a large number of your shingles are unprotected and need to be replaced.

2. Shiny Spots on the Shingles When the Light Hits Them

Along with piles of granules, another sign that indicates heavy hail damage to your home's roofing shingles is the discovery of shiny spots on their surfaces. These spots are viewable when the sun hits them at an angle, such as first thing in the morning or before the sun goes down.

If you see shiny spots, not only have the granules been sheered off the shingles, but there are most likely dents in them as well. Upon closer examination, you may even see tiny cracks in the material.

If you find large amounts of granules in your gutters and around your home as well as discover shiny spots on your roof after a hail storm, the shingles may have sustained damage that requires the attention of a professional. Contact a contractor in your area who offers residential roof repair services to have them inspect the shingles for damage so that the affected areas can be fixed.

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