Roof Repairs You Might Need After A Hard Winter

Was winter particularly cold, snowy, and hard in your area? You may want to check out your roof. It's your roof's job to protect your home from the elements, especially during this harsh season. But doing so can be tough on your roof, leading to various types of damage that need to be repaired. In particular, here are a few repairs you may need to make to your roof after a really hard winter.

Popped Nails

If water was able to work its way under the edge of any of your shingles in the winter, some of it may have seeped in around the nail heads. Then, as it froze, it may have popped the nails up. Popped nails can look like little bumps or lifted areas under the covering shingle. They are important to have repaired since they can lead to leaks later on. A roof repair contractor can basically pound the nails back down and seal them with some cement.

Raised, Peeling Shingles Along the Edge

When your roof is not well insulated, snow can melt and trickle down to the edge of the roof before re-freezing into ice in this area. Often, this causes the shingles in this area to peel up. Luckily, the edges of the roof are typically pretty easy to see. So you should be able to see any lifted, peeling, or damaged shingles. A roof repair contractor should replace these shingles before a strong wind either blows them away completely or blows water underneath them.

Sagging or Disconnected Gutters

If ice accumulates in your gutters, it can cause them to sag and develop bulges. While gutters are not strictly a part of your roof, they are a roofing accessory that exists to protect your roof. If they are bulged or damaged, water may accumulate on your roof in the coming months. Bulging gutters usually need to be replaced since it is tough to bend the material back into shape.

Algae Growth

Algae does not really grow in the winter, but it often does start growing first thing in the spring after a hard winter has caused some shingle deterioration. The algae may be green or black in color. It can accelerate roof deterioration and should be removed professionally.

After a long winter, make sure your roof gets the care it needs. With proper repairs, it will be able to protect you through the next hard winter.

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