Top Signs You Need Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is often not the most fun project or task but it's often the only option to address severe issues. Think of a situation where your roof has major leaks allowing water to enter your house and damage your valuables. In such a case, the only viable option is to get a new roof. If you're unsure whether you need a roof replacement, here are the top signs you need one. 

You Can See Light

There's cause for alarm if you can see daylight peeking through your roof. Typically, that's an indication the roof has gaps and cracks that allow light to pass through. Even normal repairs would not help at this point. 

If you have such a roof, you're likely to see a rise in heating costs because of the air lost through the gaps and cracks. And when the rain starts, the water may enter your house and damage your items. Therefore, the best option is to seek roof replacement as fast as possible. 

Your Roof Is Sagging

Now, a little sagging of your roof may not necessitate automatic replacement. It could be the sagging is caused by excess weight from snow, in which case, removing the snow solves the problem. However, if the whole roof is sagging, it could be a deeper structural problem requires roof replacement. It's advisable to call a professional roofer for an expert assessment if your roof is sagging. Ignoring this problem could result in a roof collapse.  

Your Roof Is Missing Multiple Shingles

While it's possible to replace one or two missing shingles, replacing multiple shingles may not be a good idea. First, the new shingles may not match colors with the old faded shingles, meaning your roof will not be pleasing to the eye. Again, adding new shingles over the existing ones exposes your roof to sag due to the added weight. 

Roof replacement is the smartest option when you're missing multiple full shingles. Your new roof will be uniform in color, and there won't be any risks associated with adding extra layers of shingles. 

Your Roof Has Surpassed the 25-Year-Old Mark

According to the National Association of Home Builders, typical asphalt shingles are designed to last between 20 to 30 years depending on the roof quality. Therefore, if your roof is already 25 years old, get a professional assessment to determine if you need a new roof. It doesn't matter if your roof looks fine on the outside. Sometimes, the problems are in the internal structure of the roof, so it might take time to notice. 

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