Asphalt Shingle Granular Loss—Identification And Replacement Strategies

Mineral granules make up the surface of asphalt shingles. The granular layer can become worn down during hailstorms. Use the tips below to identify storm damage and replace worn roofing materials. 

The Granules

An organic or fiberglass mat makes up the core of a shingle. Layers of hot asphalt are used to coat the mat. While the asphalt is still wet, mineral flecks are added to the asphalt. These minerals (granules) are essentially crushed stone pieces. The granules are designed to deflect sunlight. The thermal resistance that shingles provide can regulate energy costs. The granules may wear down over time. Excessive moisture, wind, and hail can damage asphalt shingles.

The Inspection Process

Mineral loss will weaken shingles. Sunlight and moisture will not be deflected in a normal manner. When hail comes into contact with granules, the minerals come loose from the asphalt. Damaged shingles will have an uneven texture. Excess mineral loss may give shingles a dull appearance. Some minerals may wash away, especially after heavy rain. The mineral residue may be in sections of the gutter or in the downspout. If it was windy during a hailstorm, some shingles may crack or come loose from a rooftop. 

Professional roofing inspections and repairs are commonly sought after a hailstorm. A roofing contractor will identify all of the weak spots on a rooftop. Shingles that have endured mineral loss will need to be replaced. There is no use leaving weakened asphalt shingles on a rooftop. The compromised shingles could lead to moisture buildup and leaks inside of a residence.

The Repair Stages

A roofing contractor will need to determine if the felt paper or other base materials located under compromised shingles need to be replaced. First, a contractor will remove any shingles that show signs of granular loss. They will use tools to clean roofing cement from the base materials that are secured to the roof's decking.

Then, they will install roofing materials and fasteners that are an exact match to the ones that were damaged during the hailstorm. The new roofing materials may come with a warranty. This warranty will protect against manufacturing defects and other types of unforeseen damage.

Insurance Variables

If your rooftop is insured, the cost of the repairs may be covered. An insurance policy will outline how long you have to file a claim after a storm. Your roofing contractor can provide you with insurance claim information when you first have your rooftop inspected. 

Contact a local storm damage roof repairs service to learn more. 

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